Housing, a Fundamental Human Right


Project represents an action grant from the European Union managed by the European Union Office
in Kosovo (EUOK) and awarded to DT and its partner KAAD for implementation.

Overall objective is to contribute to the improvement of the situation of socially vulnerable families
in Kosovo, through provision of social housing.

Specific activities are:

  • Development of a baseline study on the status of municipal action plans
  • Organize and facilitate six working groups between central and local authorities
  • Organize five working groups at regional level which will serve for enabling a better
    coordination between relevant government bodies
  • Facilitate seven municipalities to compile a three year social housing program through onjob trainings
  • Establish a database with access from municipalities
  • Organize a field visit to a regional country – to compare functionality of the law and to learn
    valuable lessons.


Parties who will benefit from the implementation of the project:

  • Central government, particularly Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Ministry
    of Labor and Social Welfare
  • Local government, particularly Municipal Directorates of Health and Municipal Centers forSocial Welfare
  • Homeless families that belong to the following categories: Socially vulnerable families;Repatriated families; RAE community; Families whose houses were damaged in the last conflict in Kosovo



  An EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo