KAAD is proud to announce a great new benefit for our members.  KAAD is partnering with DubLi to offer you, your family and friends access to the worlds largest online travel and shopping mall. 

Plan your travel at your choice of all the major travel sites (Expedia, Priceline,, etc), shop at over 8,000 brand name stores and receive Cashback on every purchase.

And, more than just getting the best prices on brand name goods from around the world, your purchases will also benefit KAAD to support our mission in Kosovo.

Signing up is free and easy.  It only requires your email and a password you select. More details are available on the website ( ).

The mall is also open to you, and your friends and family.  So please let them know of this opportunity.  We are certain they will thank you.

            What if you could earn CashBack on the things you and your family already buy every day?

Now you can!

With the new KAAD CashBack Shopping and Travel Portal, you can shop at our more than 8,000 top brand stores throughout the world, get the best deals and earn CashBack with each purchase.

CashBack is all all about Cash! Earned automatically as you shop. Visit and join us as we bring the world’s premier Online Shopping and Travel Portal to our members, their families and friends.

WE offer:

  • Choice –  over 8,000 top name stores
  • Convenience – shop anytime, anywhere
  • Service – delivery to your home
  • Value – Get the best prices and CashBack


CashBack is a great American invention that gives cash back to the customer.

You get CashBack for every purchase, every time.

Its Free

It is simple and easy. Sign up with just your email at and shop at any of our more than 8,000 stores.  Every purchase you make automatically gets you CashBack.

Its Your Money, Get it Back

Whenever you want, get your cash three ways.

–      Directly to your bank account

–      To a debit Mastercard or

–      Pay Pal